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A lot has been happening with SeeMallardMedia since my last post!

On Feb 15th we ran the video media for Kingdom Promotions 8.  It was a really fun evening of Mixed Martial Arts.  Every time I run a show in Central Arkansas, it’s like a family reunion.  People from all over the state come to volunteer and run the shows that I’m involved in, and we’re all excited about what we do.  We love showcasing the fighters and I especially love making the graphics and working to help the fighters feel special.

We had children on the fight card for this fight.  They didn’t do MMA, they did Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu, which involves more grappling moves and less face smacking.  I made their graphics and the whole team treated the kids with the same respect they treat the adults, giving them walk out music, taking photos of them, even announcing their weight and record before the fight.  It was great to see the support these kids had for one another.

My next fight will be in Hot Springs on April 12th.  Off The Chain MMA has a packed fight card, and I’m excited to see some of these fights.  As always, I’ll be live streaming this event.  Hopefully, I’ll have my four camera system up and running.  I bought an ATEM Television Studio, which is a switcher with 4 HDMI inputs.  This will double my cameras at the event.

I have had a problem with my HDMI cables not working, so I am switching to component (red-green-blue) cables with HDMI adapters.  It’s a cheaper solution than going SDI at the moment.

April 27th I am going to run this system at a concert at my church.  Our worship band, Refuel, is having a concert to raise money to buy a new sound board.  I’m excited to bring my equipment to the church and film this event.  They have some wonderful music planned for the evening.  If you want more information, go to Facebook.com/RefuelWorship.

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