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May and June are turning out to be pretty busy months for SeeMallardMedia. From covering the tornado in Vilonia to Kingdom Promotions 9 to Re:New Church Community Center to end of school activities, there’s been a lot to do. June isn’t going to be any less busy, Re:New is going to have three weeks of camp and vacation bible school in one month!

We covered the tornado damage in Vilonia. It was very emotional seeing the destruction, but people came together and helped. Many churches sent volunteers out to the area to help clear debris. I went with a team from Re:New and filmed both in Vilonia and at the Re:New Community Center where we collected supplies for people. The Community Center helped a lot of people with supplies and food.

Kindom Promotions 9 was May 31. Getting ready for an exciting night of MMA action was fun. Many times I would make a fight graphic and the fighters would change. There were a lot of last minute changes.

After we set up all the cameras and plugged everything in, I turned on the system. Everything worked!!! I was so excited. I guess after 9 events I’ve built a system that works well.

The fight DVD was finished by Monday morning and we have already sold DVDs this week!

June is coming! Gotta get back to work.


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