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ILP Arkansas


From their website: We are a law firm, and we make the claim that we provide our clients with inspired solutions–solutions that work when they are tested. That is a bold claim and one we take seriously. We have a unique 3 Step Process we use to provide every client the Protection & Peace of Mind they are seeking when they come to us.

Mark Thomas


Even though the direction of this company has changed, I wanted my clients to see one of the videos I have produced for this firm.  This video is a good example of the use of Green Screen and Stock Footage I am able to do.

Renew Community Church


These are our weekly announcements I produce at Renew Community Church.  It is a great example of the use of Green Screen and on screen titles.


From their website: GSI is a designer and manufacturer of interior hardware for planes, trains, yachts and more. We are a family owned and operated business for over 50 years. We offer our core parts with thousands of variations in between. One of our specialties is providing original latches designed especially for your needs.

MMA Event Recap Videos

Here are some event recap videos that I’ve produced:

Music Videos

Here are a few music videos I’ve made:

eStem Public Charter School

I helped produce a video for the science department for the Shell Science Lap Challenge.  eStem won the grant!

Motivational Video

Produced with Nathan Kirby

Pinot’s Pallette

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