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SeeMallardMedia has experience in Commercial and Non-Profit video production, as well as Event and Live Streaming production. From video and audio, to editing, to posting the finished product, we have the experience, knowledge and equipment to tell your story.

We also have the ability to take your existing production footage and edit to your needs.

We can post your video(s) online at any number of web hosting sites, provide you with the video file, as well as produce DVDs for your use.

Call Carmen for a quote for your next video.  Contact Us

Commercial Video Production

Sometimes you just need a video to tell your story. You can use video to enhance your website, send a DVD to a potential client, or to even advertise on television.

SeeMallardMedia can do short commercials as well as longer company summaries.

Let us know what you need and we will help you produce it.

Non-Profit Video Production

We are committed to helping non-profits succeed in their mission to make the world a better place. We feel that quality video production is important to getting the message of your organization out.

From fundraisers to testimonies, SeeMallardMedia is willing to do what it takes to help non-profit companies.

Event Media Production

When you have an event, your focus is usually on planning the event.  But afterwards you want a record of the event and all the hard work you did.  That’s where SeeMallardMedia can help you.  We can film your event and provide the footage to you online or as a DVD.  We want to help you be proud of all the work you have done, as well as provide a way to advertise the event should you choose to repeat it.

We have experience in filming Mixed Martial Arts events, church conferences, and other stage settings.

Live Event Streaming

Streaming an event online has become a popular way to share an event with the world.  SeeMallardMedia has experience in live streaming Mixed Martial Arts events to Pay Per View platforms, as well as streaming church services.

SeeMallardMedia has a two-camera system to stream your next event.  Call Carmen today to discuss your needs.

Does your church wish to start live streaming its Sunday services?  Carmen would love to talk to you about what she has learned and the equipment she uses to live stream events.

Real Estate Photography

“I have worked in the real estate field, so I understand the needs agents have when they list a property.  I want to be able to take one task off the to do list.  I have acquired lenses and cameras that will be able to present the best photo a property has to offer.  My goal is to see a SOLD sign and the housing market become the dynamic market that Arkansas deserves.” – Carmen Mallard

Agent Pricing is $100 per property. If you hire us for four properties, the fifth property we photograph will be free! (Travel beyond 45 miles of North Little Rock is extra.)

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