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1525714_10152157685656343_1942780496_nI got an opportunity to film a music video last week. I have always wanted to do this, and I’ve filmed music videos before, but this time was different because it was an original song.


We filmed in the Renew Community Center, which right now is a large warehouse. The acoustics were perfect. The music reverberated throughout the center. We had originally planned to film in the small studio, but when they were practicing, it sounded so great in the main room, that we filmed in there.

1532103_10152157685361343_1558224183_nI filmed The Dixan Project, Dixie Harden and Jordan Mack. They are entering their original song, “South Wind” in a contest. If they get picked to be a finalist, then their video will go online for people to vote on the winner.

I used several cameras and several mics during the shoot. Also, I got to use my new portable lighting setup for the first time. It’s the first time I’ve ever used umbrellas. At first, I thought there might not be enough light, but it takes several minutes for florescent bulbs to warm up, and after they did, there was plenty of light.

I used the mics off two video cameras and a Rode mic that has an on board recorder. Mixed everything together in post to get a wider sound than just using one mic.

Below are my links to South Wind, and a bonus song they sang for me, Oceans.

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